Montessori School Mississauga

Child care centers Mississauga

Child care centers Mississauga

At our Montessori School—with half and full day programs for Toddler (Pre-casa), Preschool, JK and SK (Casa) — we provide a supportive childcare center for Mississauga residents and surrounding the population. Our Montessori program ensures that children are under superior care and receiving total education.

Our program is one that looks after their plan of activities, completes homework, and gives an opportunity to relax and participate in different outdoor activities. Supervising a child is not easy unless one understands their behavior. At Montessori works, our dedicated qualified staff practices tips to build healthy relationships in all areas of programming for children. Licensed childcare is provided at Montessori; all care and supervision is completed in fully inclusive environments

When it comes to childcare, parents become extra conscious and search for most-trusted childcare schools or centers which cover entire childcare facilities from hygienic surroundings & dietary needs to medicine. Our specially trained staff attentively and calmly support the child’s ideas of performing things. We show respect and fulfill children’s needs and assist them with positive behavior management skills.

Cultivating the right environment has a significant impact on children growth and development. Our staff is attentive enough to cater the needs of children and support emergency childcare for working and non-working parents. Our childcare center in Mississauga is designed to support your child and give you peace of mind.