Early Childhood Development Mississauga

Studies show that early childhood development programs help in improving child mental abilities and strong interpersonal skills. The children who enroll in such head start programs develop motor skills, adaptive skills, social emotional functioning and are more likely to succeed in school and workplace.

At Montessori Works, learning is fun we recognize the enormous importance of initial years of child’s life development. Early childhood education program allow children to enjoy learning curriculums, play, and socializing themselves by sharing and co-operating with other children in a supervised learning environment.

In Montessori early childhood development program, children can embark on a whole new world of learning. Every parent desire is to educate their children by putting them in effective education systems that provides best learning practice to meet individual, cultural, social and economic objectives. Several pre-schools in Mississauga stress upon the importance of investing in early childhood education for better child development. For child well-being and learning outcomes there are certain aspects that can only be acquired effectively in initial years. Our program aims on providing optimum opportunity to kindergarten children and allow them to learn, grow during initial stages of life.

  • Provide an opportunity for children to relax and study in a prepared environment.
  • Opportunity to develop skills, resulting in perfect growth and lifelong learning.
  • Program teaches and enforces important skills for the future such as: verbal, communication skills & better social behavior etc.
  • Offer a safe, fun and supportive environment for children to learn and grow.