Improve Language Skills Mississauga

At MontessoriWorks, every student is given an opportunity to excel at his/her pace under the supervision of experienced staff. Students are not compared to each other, nor to arbitrary standards. Instead, they are honored for the progress they make and taught at the pace they set for themselves. While we consider this to be a vital element of teaching no matter the area being studied, we feel this to be especially important when it comes to language skills in young children.

English Language is an important area which is taught by focusing on phonics. We use creativity in teaching phonics by using multi-sensory approach. This benefits students with varied learning styles and honors who they are as learners.

This focus on improving language skills at our Mississauga school begins as early as two-half year old when acquisition of vocabulary is a major factor. The environment facilitates the learning in a daily routine. From Practical Life area, Sensorial area and Culture areas, all these are integrated into our Language curriculum. Our Language curriculum is designed to develop early readers.

The 3rd year students (5 year-olds) benefit from a very structured Language program which focuses on Reading, Spelling and Writing Skills. It is a 45 minute session especially designed for the Full Day students to get a head start in creative writing, comprehension and the science behind reading. If you are concerned about improving language skills, our Mississauga school is right for you.