Parent Feedback


“What I think about MontessoriWorks…… My son has become disciplined to develop his own natural interests, use his imagination and most of all use his manners and show respect toward society… he can select his work independently… learning from his mistakes and having lots of fun. My husband and I have been totally satisfied with our son’s progress and honestly mesmerized by the theories presented at Parents Night. I’m blessed to have the pleasure of meeting Ms Moiz, her teaching squad and benefits of their teaching expertise each day. They teach the parents a lot too.”



“Natasha loves to go to school every day and learn within the peaceful and loving atmosphere of MontessoriWorks, the school encourages a balance of independence, exploration, risk-taking, and structure — a true recipe for both academic and personal growth… all children under their care to be morally responsible members of a community.”

Monique and Paul

Parent Testimonial:

Choosing a daycare or a preschool setting for a child is an emotional challenge for most parents. We want a safe and nurturing environment for our kids to learn and grow.

Sit outside of “Montessori Works” and simply observe the enthusiasm of the children entering the school and playing outside. The children are happy and feel safe. This positive energy continues in the classroom where structure, respect, and a love for learning is fostered. The learning environment is not rigid or strict, quite the opposite. There is a structure in place that promotes a love for school work and builds confidence in every child who is encouraged to work at their own level. My four year old came home one day so proud that she was given a printing book, saying “I love printing!”

I personally have seen tremendous growth in my daughter who loves her school. The teachers are very aware of the children’s needs and do their best to help each child feel special.

My daughter’s happiness reinforces that I made the right school choice. I would recommend “Montessori Works” to anyone.

Jennifer Wozny