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It’s a Colourful World

Montessori Works, School in Mississauga, celebrated the Holiday Season with a concert entitled, “It’s a Colourful World”
Children performed to a variety of songs highlighting the many colourful festivals of the world. It also gave Montessori Works School an opportunity to salute the diversity of our community in Canada

Thanksgiving Festivities

Montessori Works, School in Mississauga, celebrated the annual Thanksgiving festivities with a traditional pot–luck lunch which was attended by our school community that included students and their families. It was an opportunity to give thanks for the blessings and also to show children the importance of family and togetherness in our community. As part of our annual tradition parents donated non-perishable items for the food drive. We donated all the contributions to the Food Bank in Mississauga to help the less fortunate.

One of Montessori Works School’s missions is to build awareness in our children the importance of Community and our role in helping each other.

I Did Nothing Today

When children come home at the end of the day the question they’re asked as they run out to play is “Tell me, what you did today?”
And the answer they give makes you sigh with dismay
“Nothing. I did nothing today!”
Perhaps “Nothing” means that I read a book,
Or… with a teacher I got to cook.
Maybe I painted a picture of blue,
or heard a story about a mouse that flew.
Maybe I wrote in my journal myself,
or found a great book on the library shelf,
Maybe I helped a friend today,
or went to my favourite area alone,
Maybe today was the very first time,
That my scissors followed a very straight line,
Maybe I sang a song right to the end,
or worked with a special brand new friend.
When you‘re three, four or five your heart has wings and “nothing”
can mean so many things

Montessori Myths and Facts: Myth 6

Myth: Montessori methods doesn’t allow creativity

Fact: Many of the activities in a Montessori classroom allow children to express their ideas and feelings. Cutting gluing, modelling, drawing and writing all allow children to be creative, as do music and movement – all of which you’ll find at a good Montessori School.

Montessori Myths and Facts: Myth 5

Myth: Children who go through Montessori education become wildly successful in life.

Fact: While we’d like to say that this isn’t a myth, no system of education can turn your child into Einstein, Bill Gates, Mozart and Van Gogh all rolled into one. What Montessori education will do is to help your child develop the skills that will help them become who they are meant to be and to reach their full potential as well rounded and productive citizens. After all, success comes in all shapes and sizes, and an individual with a good job, good friends and a happy home life is just as successful as the most famous person on the TV screens.

Montessori Myths and Facts: Myth 4

Myth: Montessori is only for special needs children (either gifted or with learning difficulties)

Fact: Montessori education was first developed for use with mentally challenged children, but Maria Montessori soon saw that her methods could be applied to all children, regardless of their ability. Any child can benefit from Montessori education methods.

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