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 - Number Sense

- Concept of numerals

- Concrete and abstract number learning

- Confidence in exploring number work


 - Use concrete materials to teach abstract concept of arithmetic

- Opportunity to success

- Attractive materials to perform a math operation

"Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is par excellence the science of precision, order, and intelligence."

- Maria Montessori


Numerical Rods.jpg

Numbers to Ten

Number Rods

- Use concrete materials to introduce the idea of quantity, symbol and sequencing of the numbers

Stamp Game.jpg

Decimal System Continued

The Stamp Game

- Use concrete materials to introduce the operation of addition, substraction, multiplication and division.

Golden Bead Material.jpg

Decimal System

Formation of Large Number Cards with Beads

- To combine the quantities with  the corresponding numerals 

Addition Snake Game.jpg

Exploration and Memorization of Tables

Snake Game

- To show all the possible combinations of ten.

- Indirect prepare children for algebra

Set of Complete Bead Materials and Cabin

Teens and Tens - Teens, Tens and Counting

Skip Counting

- Strengthen counting skills

- To prepare the child for multiplication

Dot Exercise.jpg

Passage to Abstration

The Dot Game

- To emphasis the mechanism of changing

- To prepare the child for abstract addition

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