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The Montessori curriculum focuses on providing a prepared environment to meet the needs of the children. It allows children to learn at their own individual pace as they successfully navigate challenges that help develop proficiencies appropriate to their needs and development level.
Vegetable Picking

- Saint (Encourages the child's spirit an dpersonality to thrive.)

- Servant (Actively respond to child's needs)

- Scientist (Observe each child's potential by providing an individual study plan)

Prepared environment

- Child sized furniture

- Freedom within limits

- Develop independence

- Structure and order


- Real life

- Attractive

- Control of error

- Purposeful

- Serve child's sensitive periods

Playing with Toys

- Opportunity to explore with all the senses

- Establish security and independence

- Develop cognitive and emotional abilities

The Casa Program
(3 - 6  Years)

- Signifiicant cognitive development

- Gain confidence in their independence

- Explore the universe of knowledge

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