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- Help children to express their feeling

- Build strong foundation of using language

 - Fulfill the sensitive period - language


- Reading is taught by phonetic sounds of each letter.

- Use motor memory to teach cursive writing

- Color coded grammar exercises

"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him/her into the world."

- Maria Montessori


Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Oral Language

Sound Games

- Aware of the sounds in the words children use.

- Individual sounds composed into words.

Lowercase Small Movable Alphabet - Blue

Phonetic Reading

Phonetic Reading Materials

- To read phonetic words

S (77).jpg

Preparation for Reading & Writing

Practical Life and Sensorial Activities 

Noun & Verb Introduction Solids with Tra

Grammar - General information

Rules and definition

- Introduce different categories of grammar

Lower Case Sandpaper Letters w Box - Cur


The Sandpaper Letters

- To learn the shape of each letter

-  To gain a muscular memory of writing each letter by tracing

Detective Adjective Exercise.jpg

Grammar - application

The Detective Adjective Game

- Understand the function and meaning of the adjective

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