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Practical Life


 - Independence of the child

- Fine motor skills

- Real life experience

- Refinement of movement


 - Real and useful activity

- Appropriate to the age of the child

- Self-contained

- Control of error

- reflect the culture

- Sensitive period of movement

“Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life.”

- Maria Montessori



Preliminary Exercise

Pouring Liquid from Jug to Jug

- Refinement of movement

- Eye/hand coordination

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Care of the person

The Zipper Dressing Frame

- Control of movement

- Open and close zips

- To develop independence

Elementary Classroom

Care of Environment - indoor

Polishing Glass

- Control of movement

- Sense of order

- Care of environment

Finger Painting

Grace and courtesy

Extending Greetings

- Peace education

- Respect others

Home Gardening

Care of Environment - Outdoor


- Experience of growth of plant

- Respect environment

- Eye/hand coordination

Kids Drawing

Control of movement

The Silence Game

- To aware of quite time

- To nourish the child's spirit

- Attentation to details

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