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- Eye hand coordination

- Fine motor skills

- Real life experience

- Refinement of movement


 - Isolation of quality

- Preparation for arithmatic

- Logic, aware and perceptive

- Color coded

- Control of error

"The senses, being explorers of our world, open the way to knowledge."

- Maria Motnessori


S (55).jpg

Visual Sense

The Pink Tower

- Visual and muscular perception of shapes and sizes

- Coordination of movement

- Preparation for mathmatics

S (90).jpg

Olfactory Sense

The Smelling Bottles

- Sense of smell

- Aware of scent in the environment

S (80).jpg

Auditory Sense

The Sound Boxes

- To discriminate between different sounds

- Gradation of sounds

Decanomial suare.jpg

Discrimination of Shape

The Decanomial Square

- Preparation for geometry

- Visual and muscular discrimination of sizes and shapes

S (69).jpg

Tactile Sense

Baric Tablets

- To become observant of the environment

- Preparation for mathematics

- Discrimination in weight


Sensorial introduction to Algebra

The Trinomial Cube

- Categorize colours and sizes

- Preparation for algebra

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